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The benefits of the Sunêlia group

Find out all the exclusive benefits of the Sunêlia network

The privilege card

Carte privilège Sunêlia la Ribeyre

With the purchase of the Privilege card, you access many services and benefits in all the Sunêlia off partners sites.

Free offers and promotional offers on leisure activities offered by the sites or nearby (ex: entries of amusement parks, excursions, guided tours, rental of sports equipment…), special offer for stays discovered…

Find all the details by clicking on this link.

The cancellation guarantee

Sunêlia offers you the cancellation for a minimum stay of 7 nights in accommodation! (excluding partner sites)

The General Conditions of the guarantee cancellation are the following:

This guarantee shall take effect as soon as the rental contract and expires on the eve of the first day of the stay at midnight. Subject to compliance with contractual obligations, this guarantee allows you to obtain reimbursement of the sums paid, should your stay be cancelled, according to the list below in the following cases:

1. A serious illness, a personal injury or the death of: yourself, your spouse of law or of fact, your ascendants or descendants, your tutor, your brothers, sisters, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law. Serious illness or serious injury means, any breach temporarily or permanently your physical integrity, found medically and involving the termination of any professional activity or autre.

2. Complications of pregnancy.

3. Serious harm imperatively requiring your presence the day of departure planned and consecutive to a theft, fire, damage water or natural elements reaching your primary residence or your premises destroyed more than 50% (certificate of the insurer to provide).

4. Redundancy of yourself or your spouse provided that the procedure has not been initiated before booking the stay. All these gro

unds for cancellation must be communicated by registered letter accompanied by all necessary documents noting facts (expert report, observation of the police authorities, convocation, medical certificate or death…) as soon as they arise and at the latest in the 3 working days following the disaster or event.
The principal exclusions:
• Suites, sequels, complications or worsening of a disease or an accident found prior to the signing of the contract.
• Pregnancy, voluntary termination of pregnancy, childbirth and its normal suites.
• Drug, alcohol addiction and their consequences.
• Psychic, mental or nervous illnesses that cause no more than 7 days hospitalization.
• Your intentional acts.
• Accidents resulting from participation in professional title in any sport or competition as well as to preparatory practices.
• Accidents resulting from practice and amateur title at any level, following sports: – Motorsport (auto, motorcycle, motor vehicles), – air sports.
• Epidemics, pollution, natural disasters covered by the Act N – 82,600 of July 13, 1982.
• Civil or foreign war, riot, popular movements, strikes, terrorist acts, any effect of a source of radioactivity.

Garantie annulation Sunêlia

The Sun offer

The Sunêlia Sun offer is FREE and valid for stays for a minimum of 7 nights, credited service on the day of arrival on the eve of departure, caught in a site Sunêlia (excluding partner sites) between April 1 and October 31.

• for less than 3 days of sunshine during the stay, the client receives a gift voucher of €100.
• If no day of Sun is recorded during the stay, the customer receives a gift vouche of €200.


The trigger of supply is subject to direct sunlight under 2 hours per day between 10: 00 and 18: 00 calculated by METNEXT Sun index® index, which indicates the duration of sunshine for each Sunêlia site and every day. The duration of sunshine is defined as the period during which the solar radiation is of sufficient intensity (W/m2 ≥120) to produce distinct shadows (source: weather France). The index is calculated by METNEXT (subsidiary of weather France) based on data from the Meteosat 2 satellite.

Out partner Sunêlia

Offre Soleil Sunêlia

Sunêlia destinations

The Sunêlia network includes 31 campsites and Holiday Villages high range in France, Italy and Spain divided into 4 geographical areas:

Quality home Sunêlia

Every 2 years, Sunêlia campsites are subject to an audit by a firm checking 12 families of criteria (total 525 criteria) which the campsite must meet a minimum 85% satisfaction rate for “Quality Sunêlia” approval.

To date, 93% of our customers say they are satisfied or very satisfied with their holiday and claim recommend Sunêlia to their close.

Our quality commitments:
-Security and guaranteed services
-Small world children and adolescents
-Nature and sustainable development
-Top range equipment
-Freedom and choice of animations
-Integration of the site in its region
-Personalised and convivial

The quality Charter Sunêlia is licensed by Qualité tourisme

Sunêlia the Ribeyre holds the Green key label guaranteeing a framework respectful of the environment
and natural resources, an environmental policy based on the improvement continues to management of water, waste, energy and responsible purchasing, concerned the sharing of eco-gestures for stays engaged managers and teams.