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All the activities around the campsite!

Randonnées dans le sancy_ La Ribeyre

Hiking the mountains

In July and August, get out and about in the region with Bureau Montagne—Auvergne Massif Sancy! The team’s mountain guides will take you to uncover the secrets behind our region’s most stunning places.

The Chaudefour valley nature reserve is a prime example. Get to see its natural springs and native flora, or even get close up with chamois or mouflons.

Another of our favourites is hiking around volcanoes. Head out to tackle the soaring volcanoes of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Chaîne des Puys.

Hiking at sunrise tops everything as a simply stunning experience! As nature stirs, awakening for the day, high in the uplands you discover the real magic of life in the mountains! You start out early under cover of darkness, to get spectacular panoramic views across the massif and the wider region.

VTT Sancy_ La Ribeyre

Mountain biking in the Sancy

The Auvergne is full of fabulous places to discover—there is simply no way we could list all the hikes, trails and paths criss-crossing the Massif du Sancy. Just take yourself, your family, or a group of friends, and get out there! You have over 600km of marked trails to choose from.

We have a bike-hire partnership with VTT Evasion.

You can hire bikes directly at the campsite, or at their hire-shop outlet in Super-Besse.

In July and August, VTT Evasion organizes adrenalin-packed downhill runs from Super-Besse to the campsite. A fun outing with lots to learn, run by easy-going people.


quadbike_ La Ribeyre


Quadbiking = the 4-wheeler outdoor experience! The all-terrain quadracycle is designed to make trail-riding fun and easy, and the Auvergne is a great place to get involved!

 Get out and discover forests, lakes and volcano slopes from the comfort of a four-wheel pedal bike!

Canoe Auvergne Loisirs_ La Ribeyre


Discover the meandering Allier river. Slip slowly and sinuously through stunning scenery and fabulous backdrops, but keep an eye out for the rapids that get pulses racing.

Canoeing makes for such a great family outing, and our partner—Auvergne Loisirs—is on hand to coach you along and equip you for adventure.

Auvergne Loisirs also organizes canyoneering, paintball, and even paddleboarding!

ABS Quad_ La Ribeyre

Quad-bike trails

Supervised by a local guide and qualified instructor, come and try a whole new kind of off-road trail transport! 

Rando Quad Abs organizes off-the-beaten-track hikes for all levels and abilities. 

From an easy quad-bike trail to a technically-demanding mountainside adventure, they really offer something for everyone.

centre tout terrain du sancy 4x4_ La Ribeyre

4×4 trails

Join the Sancy all-terrain team and head out to beat a path through the Auvergne landscape. Experience all the fun of 4×4 overlanding on mud tracks, rock crawls, tilt crossings, and more… Adrenalin-fuelled fun guaranteed! 

4×4 excursions through the Auvergne’s rivers, lakes and volcanoes open up breathtaking landscapes that you won’t forget in a hurry. 

Your guide will be Alain, a seasoned 4×4 offroader who has taken part in several Paris–Dakar Rally raids.

fermegaecoiseau_ La Ribeyre

GAEC de l’Oiseau—a family-run open farm

Just 5 km from the campsite is the GAEC de l’Oiseau—a family-run open farm that has grown across generations.

Learn all the secrets behind making the region’s emblematic Saint-Nectaire cheese, in the capable hands of the farm’s chief cheesemaker.

The farm has always worked attentively on its ties to the environment and its consumers, and now offers Cantal cheese, artisan farmhouse yoghurt, and charcuterie—all produced here on-farm. So dig in!

The farm also makes a great place for a gentle family walkaround. The kids can get to touch cows, calves, pigs, sheep, and chicken, which is always a firm family favourite.

Parapente_ La Ribeyre

Paragliding from the Puy de Dôme

Dare to try a paraglider flight, safe in tandem with a professional pilot. Lift yourself effortlessly away, with Air Dômes. Take off from the top of the Puy de Dôme and enjoy the magical experience of free flight. Get a bird’s-eye view of the majestic Chaîne des Puys volcanoes—listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2018. 

The Auvergne’s own chain of volcanic features stretches out beneath you, offering up breathtaking 360-degree vistas for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

The Air Dômes team offers several different flight formulas, from maiden flight to full acrobatics! You will get to experience in-air acrobatics like 360° turns and wingovers—a huge adrenaline rush.

galopins du sancy_ La Ribeyre

Horse riding

Get a new perspective on the Auvergne, with Les Galopins Du Sancy. Explore the Sancy massif’s soaring landscapes on horseback.

Several excursions are on offer, all riding Auvergne-breed horses. Novices or experienced riders alike are sure to find their dream equestrian trail.

In July and August, the Galopins team can take younger kids out on a pony ride around nearby Lake Chambon. Kids ride on ponies with parents by their side, so all the family can set out for an engaging lakeside excursion.

ruchersdusancy_ La Ribeyre

Ruchers du Sancy

For the team at the Ruchers du Sancy, beekeeping is more than a job—it’s a lifestyle choice! Set deep in the Sancy uplands, these skilled producers craft top-quality honey, which they farm with a biodiversity-conscious philosophy.

The family-run business will walk you through every step of the process for each produce they make, offering educational insight into bees and honey for all the family. In this fabulous mountain setting, honey never tasted so good!

chateaudemurol_ La Ribeyre

Château de Murol

This Château is one of the Sancy’s must-see sites—an imposing fortress built on a basalt outcrop topping out at 1000m above sea level. On the top of the walkway along the ramparts commands stunning panoramic views across the Sancy mountain range. The Château de Murol was first built back in the 12th century and has emerged unscathed from every attempted siege since. 

The site plays host to an all-year-long family-friendly programme of events and shows that immersively re-stage the seigneurial way of life of the Murol castle lord back in medieval times.

Actors and horsemen in period dress will take you back in time, ready to tackle our most beautiful castle!

fontainepétrifiante4_ La Ribeyre

Fontaines Pétrifiantes

Come and meet researchers and artisans for a visit with a difference… underground! The sources have long been conferred strange powers.

It is here, hidden deep in the Auvergne Volcanoes nature park, that men have learned to change water into stone. 

The sources that surface here from under the Earth’s mantle have birthed a new craft: the art of ‘petrification’. Families can tour the caves and galleries, the handicraft workshops, and the ‘petrifying fountain’ itself. 

The visit culminates with showcased examples of handicrafts artfully blending nature’s resources with man’s ingenious skills.



lemptegy-portfolio_ La Ribeyre

Lemptégy Volcano Park

A total immersive experience in the heart of a REAL volcano!

Set among the soaring volcanoes of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Chaîne des Puys, Lemptégy offers a whole new kind of immersive journey.

Whether on foot or on the trackless chain, the tours bring volcanology alive for all the family.

A volcano-expert tour guide will help you unearth the volcano’s many treasures. As the journey plays out, you get to see mind-bending reminders of our geological and industrial past.

Lemptégy Volcano Park gives an accessible inside look at 30,000 years of our volcanic, seismic and climatic history.

parcpedagogiquemyocastor_ La Ribeyre

The Coypu and Kangaroo play-and-learn park

All the family will love feeding and cuddling the animals at Saint-Nectaire’s Coypu and Kangaroo play-and-learn park, which is home to a dozen different animal species including coypus, marmots, kangaroos, prairie dogs, reindeer, llamas, mouflons, Sarloos wolfdogs, and more.

You are free to wander around at your own pace. There is audioguide content available for sections of the park, and a new space—the only one of its kind in the whole Sancy region—has recently been opened. The park is now proud to unveil its marmot prairie, a space purpose-dedicated to this cute little creature native to our Sancy uplands.

parc animalier d'auvergne_ La Ribeyre

Parc Animalier d’Auvergne

Is there a better way to spend a beautiful sunny day than erring around surrounded by fascinating animals?

The Parc Animalier d’Auvergne rare and endangered species park at Ardes-sur-Couze is home to 350 residents from 65 different species, including our red panda lovebirds Ibet and Limeï, our African lions Dondon and Tsavo, five lemur species, and even a pack of Canadian timber wolves that—and this is new this year—you can actually sign up to feed!

In 2018, the Park welcomed two new little-known species native to Asia: the dholes, which are simply adorable wild dogs, and three Turkmenian kulans, which are Asian wild asses.

At the start of year, Mamaki, a Kordofan giraffe, joined our two resident Rothschild’s giraffes Johari and Zaïd in a huge new African savannah enclosure that they now share with zebras and lechwe.

grottescornadore2_ La Ribeyre

Grottes du Cornadore

Experience the atmosphere of the first thermal baths back in the Roman era. The Cornadore caves are home to 2000 years of hydrotherapy history!

Step back in time as you wind along the same stalagmite-studded path as the ancient spa bathers.

The journey will take you from cave to cave to see naturally-sculpted baths and a swimming pool with natural basins and more…

A local guide will reveal all its storied history. A great family-friendly activity!

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