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Most beautiful lakes near the campsite !

OTSancy_8018 lac chambon_ La Ribeyre

Chambon Lake

Chambon Lake is a volcanic lake, formed following the eruption of the Tartaret volcano about 8,000 years ago. It is THE resort area of the Sancy massif. With a fantastic view over Chaudefour valley and the Dent du Marais, it has been converted for families to enjoy unforgettable moments together.

You’ll find 2 beaches equipped with all necessary infrastructure: playgrounds, slides, swings, suspension bridges, paddling pools, restaurant and bar. Swimming is supervised during the months of July and August.

It is possible to walk or cycle around the lake. The walk around the lake, along the “Voie Verte” takes about an hour on foot. Part of the path is made up of sections on stilts to cross the lake wetlands.

OTSancy_11560 pavin_ La Ribeyre

Pavin Lake

Pavin lake is a crater lake and the deepest and most mysterious lake of Auvergne. Cradled in the heart of the youngest volcano in France, it is 7,000 years old and has a circular shape (800 meters diameter). Its depth can reach 93 meters, giving it dark colour waters. However, in summer, its edges can colour in turquoise blue, offering enchanting contrasts. For centuries, Pavin lake has fascinated scientists, geologists or writers, all trying to unveil its mysteries.

It is a legendary place: « Evil spirit, proud Lucifer defies the Creator by abducting a young girl. In a relentless fight, the divine spirit constrains the Devil to return to the abyss of hell. Sitting on the edges of the lake, the devil, inconsolable, cries so many tears that they submerge the rimstone… »

In the 19th century, a legend emerged among many others; that of a city sunken by God’s wrath. Keep your eyes peeled: when the sky is clear, in the depths of the lake, we can make out the bell tower of the cursed city…

At Pavin Lake, you can discover various activities: hiking, fishing or even climbing.
The trail around the lake is easy and can be done in 1 hour.

Lac de Guéry_ La Ribeyre

Guéry Lake

Heritage site, Guéry lake is appreciated by fishermen. Located at an altitude of 1,250m, between the massif of Banne d’Ordanche and the boulders Tuillière and Sanadoire, it is the highest lake in Auvergne and it has a depth of 17 meters.

Fishermen can enjoy a wide variety of fish species: brown trout, rainbow trout and brook trout, arctic char, perch, pike, carp, roach, tench or gudgeon.

Guéry lake is a nice place to enjoy a beautiful and easy hike in the mountains. With this walk, you will be rewarded with a wonderful panorama on the Chaîne des Puys and on Sancy massif.

Swimming, diving and canoeing are strictly prohibited on the lake.

Montcineyre_ La Ribeyre

Montcineyre Lake

Montcineyre lake was formed when the volcano of the same name blocked the course of a river. Crescent-shaped, the lake extends over 40 hectares, has a depth of 18 meters and is located at an altitude of 1,182 meters.

Nowadays, it is one of the drinking water reserves for the Sivom of the region of Issoire and of the southern suburb of Clermont-Ferrand.

Swimming, canoeing and fishing are strictly prohibited. However, you will enjoy from there a stunning panorama over Sancy massif.

OTSancy_0990 lac bourdouze_ La Ribeyre

Bourdouze Lake

Bourdouze lake is a glacial lake formed 12,000 years ago. Dominated by the Puy de Montcineyre, this lake has an area of 25 hectares, can be up to 4 meters deep and is located at an altitude of 1,150 meters.

It is possible to fish at the lake. A hiking path will lead you to Montcineyre lake, but it is not possible to walk around the lake, because of peatlands areas.


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