Réservation Camping La Ribeyre


Most beautiful villages near the campsite !

murol_ La Ribeyre


Known for its medieval castle erected on a rocky outcrop, Murol is a very nice village to live in! You can roam around its streets, meet the shopkeepers, discover the Park of Prélong, visit the Museum of Painters …

Don’t forget to visit the Caslte! You’ll dive into the history of the feudal period and you’ll discover from the ramparts, a stunning view over the Sancy massif, Chaudefour valley and the Dent du Marais.

Murol is not only about history. It’s also where you will find Chambon lake, with its beach atmosphere in summer!

Murol is also located on the Cheese route! Many cooperatives open their doors throughout the years, to share their experience, combining know-how, savoir-vivre and passion, from milking to cheese making!

OTSancy_8745 saint nectaire_ La Ribeyre

Saint Nectaire

The village of Saint-Nectaire is dominated by its Romanesque church. It is the birthplace of the cheese of the same name: the Saint-Nectaire cheese.

The town is divided in two main parts: Saint-Nectaire le Bas, the lowest part of town where you will find villas, major hotels, thermal baths… and Saint-Nectaire le Haut, home to the old town and the Romanesque church.

This church is recognized as one of the five main edifices of Auvergne Romanesque art: a perfect balance between its architecture and the beauty of its lava stone is what makes it so remarkable.

Saint-Nectaire cheese is recognized as a gourmet cheese. Farms, museums and shops in the village will introduce you to all the secrets of this famous Auvergne cheese!

The village has a rich heritage! Salt march worthy of a sea coast, springs, petrifying waters, megalithic sites, dolmens and menhirs… You will be able to discover all this during your visit of the village!

Village Besse_ La Ribeyre


First meeting time of the week in the village of Besse: Monday mornings! The market of Besse happens every week! In summer, it is one of the most important markets in the Sancy region! You’ll meet over there all the locals from the surrounding area: Bessards, Murolais and Saint-Nectairiens meet there every Monday!

To visit the village of Besse, the first thing to do is to stroll around the streets. The architectural heritage of the village unveils on every street corner. In Besse, there are many medieval or republican squares and fountains to discover! The most remarkable fountain of the village, ornamented with lion heads and a cornice, can be found on Place de La Poterne.

A discovery tour has been created to guide you in your visit of the historical centre of the village. The map of the village, including this tour, is available for free at the tourist information centre of Besse.

Ville Mont Dore_ La Ribeyre


Mont-Dore is a mountain resort and also a spa resort!
At Mont-Dore, water is everywhere: streams, rivers, waterfalls…

With its volcanic history, the town has seen the emergence in the thermal baths of beneficial springs of volcanic waters. These waters ease the pains of those suffering from respiratory and rheumatologic infections.

Many beautiful hikes start from Mont-Dore! You can also access the Puy de Sancy from the town.

In town, you’ll find many restaurateurs and shopkeepers, offering local products to fully enjoy your days and evenings!

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